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Completion of the new school block at Beulah Heights School
Thanks to Our Father's House congregation and to our other donors, we have completed the new school block at Beulah Heights School and we can now increase our student population. 
Fund Raising for School
We are facing a deadline of three months from the department of health to have an adequate toilet block built on the school property for our student population.  If you want to partner with us in this ministry, and make a difference in the lives of these children, please consider a donation which will go toward this project.
Update on March -- What is Happening in Zimbabwe?
Hello Friends,  We trust this first newsletter will find you in good health and good spirit. We are now in April and I wanted to give you  an update on what is happening in Zimbabwe, and what progress we have made in our ministry, thanks to you and your ongoing support.
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Long overdue status update
Months have gone by, and this newsletter is long overdue.  We have made good progress toward meeting the requirements the local authorities had put in front of us when it comes to proper running water and an adequate toilet block for the school in Zimbabwe.
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September Update: Faith for a Lifetime .......
Praise be to God!   September is bringing us blessings upon blessings.  We can't wait to see what else God has in store for us. First we were blessed to host pastor Zamani and his wife who came to visit us from Zimbabwe from August 29th until September 12th, and they are flying back to Zimbabwe on September 15th.  We had some great times of fellowship, prayers, and we look forward to be together again some day when God opens the opportunities to visit them.  This time also afforded us some planning time for GFSA in terms of our overall vision and strategic direction in the coming months, and to tackle a list of objectives God has put on our hearts for the work at hand.
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Gospel for South Africa -- Update November 17th 2012
Thanks to Our Father's House we have completed the toilet block for the school which now provides our school with compliance with the sanitation regulation we had to meet in order to keep operating as a school.
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Famine in Zimbabwe is affecting the school
With a population of 250 students (may of which are orphans) we are facing a critical situation due to the current famine conditions in Zimbabwe which is quickly reaching a critical condition for many people in the region.
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Gospel For Southern Africa -- Where are we now in 2013?
To our donors, friends, and supporters, Where are we now with this ministry, and what has God accomplished as of late? Thanks to His Love and His ongoing Blessings through Our Father's House Church in Fremont, California, MUCH has been accomlished in Zimbabwe at the Beulah School and in the lives of many.
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November 2013 Udate
November 11, 2013 Greetings to all in Jesus' Name!! What is new in Gospel For Southern Africa these days? Quite a LOT !!! God keeps blessing our ministry with new development and He stretches our faith in many dimensions, but His Love never fails, and we have seen blessings after blessings as we journey with Himn in changing lives.....
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Web Site Update 04/04/2014
We have uploaded our web site with some recent updates and new pictures from the school, children and various activities on the ground. God has poured His Blessings upon our children in Zimbabwe and Mozambique through the generosity of the congregation at Our Father's House Church, as well as through donations from many individual donors whose hearts have been touched by the opportunity to change lives and hearts in this part of the world.
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Testing the inclusion of web site reference in this newsletter
My brothers and sisters this is just a test    
November News from Gospel for Southern Africa
ANSWERED PRAYERS!          Welcome to our November update which is full or praise reports: In Chikanga, Mutare, a bore hole was dug to provide water for Beulah Heights School.  That was a marvelous blessing and answer to prayer.  It provided water for students. But still needed was a generator and a pump to extract the water.  This past October a donation in the amount of $3000 was received to purchase a generator and all related equipment – another wonderful blessing and answer to prayer. 
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Update on Mozambique ministry
A quick update to follow on my earlier November update....   Check out our web site at  under the PROJECT tab... you will see new updates and pictures on our recent acquisition of land in Mozambique where a Church will be built.
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Second quick update for November -- Mozambique news.
We were recently blessed with the opportunity to acquire some land in Mozambqiue for the construction of a Church which will provide a more permanent and accessible facility to the local congregations.
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New Director of Development on the ground in Zimbabwe, under God's Guidance
Letter from sister Marie, reporting live from Mutare, Zimbabwe   Dear Friends,   I am writing this on Saturday exactly a week since I arrived here in Mutare, Zimbabwe.  For those who have been lifting this up, I still am waiting for the work visa.  But entrance into the country went smoothly, and just yesterday I learned that the approval process continues in a slow and positive way, a rhythm peculiar to most gov't bureaucracies, and this nation is no different.  But, as I had hoped for, I hit the ground running, working at Beulah Heights Center Monday thru Friday this past week.  
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Sister Marie, Beulah Heights and Zimbabwe greet you with a warm welcomed....
WELCOMING THE NEW DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT TO BEULAH HEIGHTS CENTER   When Ms. Giddings arrived at Beulah Heights Center she was overwhelmed by the welcome which she received from the secondary school choir at the car park. They were singing a welcoming song in their native Shona language and some were holding placards written with messages such as “Mama Giddings, Beulah Heights welcomes you.”
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Greetings from the New Director of Development for Beulah Heights Center
Greetings from the New Director of Development for Beulah Heights Center   It is a new season in the Lord!  For me, coming to Zimbabwe for the first time to direct development at Beulah Heights Center, and for the Center it is a new season as well, as we take active steps to outwork the vision God has given to us for the Center. 
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Sister Marie Giddings, reporting live from Mutare, Zimbabwe
                                                                                                                                                                  Marie Elizabeth Giddings
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